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Wonderful Varenna & Lake Como


If you think Lake Como can hardly be called hidden gem with the famous George Clooney’s house and Bellagio village, you are probably right. But as they say, don’t judge the lake by the celebrity living there.

Varenna has proudly earned its status as the quietest and most charming village at Lake Como. There you can absorb all of rural Italy mixed with the movie glam of the 50s. The ideal place to take amazing pictures and discover the coastline of the Lago di Como with its picturesque villas and corsos along the water. According to locals, the best months to visit Varenna are October and November, when temperatures are just right, tourists are gone and everything is “a posto”, which means sorted out. Then you can just enjoy sipping coffee in numerous coffee shops in the village while looking at the mountains mirroring in the lake. So book your flight and don’t forget the last secret from Varenna: “Il segreto della felicità è libertà” – The secret of happiness is freedom.  

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