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Connecting female travellers – for safety and more fun!

We will help you to…

Find female travellers nearby

Are you on the road alone and want some company? We’ve got you! Search for female travellers around you, have a coffee (or a coconut mojito) together, go sightseeing or for a hike, options are limitless.

Find a female travel buddy for your next trip

Have you been dreaming of a trip but have noone to join you? Insert your trip details to find travellers whose plans match yours. Book together or just meet for a day, up to you.

Why Travelli?

At Travelli we believe in a world where all women can travel safely and freely. We want to be an inspiration and provide a tool for women with wanderlust to visit the places they have been dreaming of visiting with company with they enjoy the most. We know how empowering travelling can be for women due to the freedom they experience, the people they meet, the confidence boost they gain and the resourcefulness they learn and that’s exactly why we want to encourage, empower and enable them to travel and have the best times of their lives while staying safe.

Our Motto

The only trip you will regret is the one you don’t take.